Recommended Hardware

PayTrace's Supported and Compatible Hardware

EMV Card Reader

IDEM-241A and IDEM-251P

The IDEM-241A is the preferred hardware as it is pre-loaded with the AES encryption. However, the more common IDEM-251P may be re-configured by our authorized distributors so as to give you access to more inventory when ordering the Augusta card reader. It is important to always ensure you are ordering the PayTrace configuration by clicking on one of the links below.

Reseller Ordering Options

The ID Tech Augusta with the PayTrace configuration uses

  • AES encryption

  • HID Keyboard Emulation

To Order: click here.

  • CDE part number: Order the device on their direct PayTrace page. Available on TSYS and Fiserv processing platforms.


To Order: click here.

  • Barcodes Part number: ID Tech IDEM-241A-BCIPT


PayTrace GO EMV Card Reader

IDTECH VP3300 EMV Bluetooth Card Reader

Only available on the TSYS and Fiserv Processing Platform

Reseller Ordering Options


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Non-EMV Card Readers

Magtek Card Readers
MagTek Dynamag USB Keyboard Emulation

  • Part Number: 21073062-BCIPT - Set at Security Level 2 or 3

    • White: Part Number 21040107

    • Black: Part Number 21040108

  • MagTek's Magensa decryption service must be enabled for level 3 security, and the KSID must be set to 90118800

  • MagTek Mini USB Keyboard Emulation

Compatible Card readers

PayTrace is compatible with most card reading solutions that can send swiped card data to the computer as though the data was entered through a keyboard device. This technology or format is generally referred to as Keyboard Emulation. However, PayTrace can only support configuration questions regarding the above-listed equipment numbers.

Reseller Ordering Options

Barcodes Inc

To Order: click here

Receipt Printers

Reseller Ordering Options

Star Micronics TSP654II cloudPRNT

To Order: from barcodes, click here.

Star Micronics TSP654IIcloudPRNT

To Order: from barcodes, click here.

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