User Profiles

User Profiles are used to gain access to PayTrace Accounts online via the Web or used by proprietary applications/3rd party software looking to post transactions for processing to the PayTrace Gateway. Two different types of user profiles can be used to access PayTrace, a Web User OR an API User. These user profiles provide a controlled level of access that are specified by an administrator, to limit functionality or access to the areas of the account.

User ManagementGuide to creating and managing user access to your PayTrace account. Also setup and control who receives reports and notifications.

Web User

Users who can gain access to any portion of the PayTrace Virtual Terminal through the Internet. These users' passwords will expire every 90 days and need to be updated after they expire. Web User login credentials will work for accessing the API also.

Creating a Web User Profile :

API User

API Users are distinctly different from Web Users. The API user passwords do not expire. API User credentials will allow access only for a 3rd party software solution to communicate with the API. PLEASE NOTE: API User credentials will not allow access to the Virtual Terminal. This approach is consistent with PCI DSS security compliance requirements.

Creating a API User Profile

User Passwords

User profile passwords must be at least 7 characters in length and must contain at least 1 alphabetic and 1 numeric value. Passwords must be unique and must not match the previous 4 passwords used for the user profile.